Specialty Chemicals

We are Specialist in Specialty Chemicals, in addition we offer wide range of specialty chemicals many of which are versatile building blocks / have specialist applications.

Our main specialty chemicals belongs the following categories:

1. Peptides and peptide building blocks:

  • Our team of scientist’s experts in both solid and Solution phase peptide synthesis.
  • Amino protected building blocks includes: Boc, Z, Phthaloyl, Fmoc, Trityl, Acetate derivatives
  • Acid protected building blocks includes: tbu, Methyl, Ethyl, benzyl, Pnp and activated esters
  • Side chin protected amino acids are also available with us

2. Carbohydrate Derivatives

Diisopropylidene, Monoisopropylidene, Dibenzylidene, Monobenzylidene, Benzyl, acetyl, trityl derivatives of hexoses and pentose are available.

3. Reagents and Special Chemicals

Chemicals/reagents which have specialist application as additives, organo metallic products, thiol/sulfur chemistry related products, linkers, coupling agents are in these category.

4. Tailor made Molecules

In addition to above, SRC will also take up projects of campaign basis productions of Specialty chemicals